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Custom Aprons. Built to LAST.

We make aprons, and only aprons. Every LAST apron is made by hand by craftsmen and craftswomen just like you. Each detail, from hide to hem, represents our uncompromising quality. When you slide into a LAST Apron, you’ll feel the authenticity, reliability, and honest values we’ve become known for. 
Apron Name
Bartender Apron
Charcoal Waxed Canvas Classic Apron
Brown Canvas Barista Apron
Charcoal Canvas Barber Apron

Aprons and Only Aprons

We’ve worked diligently to perfect the apron designs and details you’ve come to expect from LAST. By offering only the highest quality craftsmanship and materials, LAST has earned its place on coat hangers in shops and garages across North America.

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Why LAST Apron

Enduring. Stylish. Honest. Ethical.

Apron Being Sewn

Aprons are all that we do, so we do it well. We’ve been working meticulously for years to perfect our designs so that a LAST apron will be the last apron that you ever own.
Charcoal Waxed Bartender Apron

You wear your work apron every day – more than your favourite tee or worn-in jeans. We get this. LAST aprons keep you looking and feeling your best while protecting your clothes.

LAST aprons are not to be mixed up with the cheap alternatives that litter the internet. We are uncompromising in every detail and take pride in leaving corners uncut.
Apron Being Sewn

Each stitch in a LAST apron is placed by a local artisan, not a child in a foreign factory. From the canvas to the cardboard box, LAST materials are responsibly sourced to minimize impact.
Interior Canvas of Apron

Apron Features

High Quality Canvas

10 oz. cotton canvas sourced from friends of ours at a facility that has been family-run since 1930.

Waxed to keep water at bay

Our waxed canvas is 14 ounces plus wax. Water, stain, and mildew resistant. Perfect for bartenders, servers, barbers, stylists or any application where moisture is involved.

Free range leather

The true mark of quality is in a hide’s natural markings. Free-range cattle hide from ranches in Nebraska are processed with time-proven techniques to ensure your leather wears in, not out.

Robust Hardware

Durable attachment points and rivets made from solid brass ensure longevity and flexibility.

Heavyweight Thread

Any sewn garment is only as strong as the stitching. Our heavyweight blend of fibres resists light rays and mildew making our stitchwork suitable for any indoor or outdoor.

Comfort Liner

Unlike other aprons, LAST aprons are made with a comfort liner designed to eliminate chafing and maximize breathability.

Built for real work

Reinforced shoulder straps, riveted pockets, and twilled edges are the hallmarks of a LAST apron.

Barista with Brown Leather Apron
Barber With Pine Canvas Apron
Person with Inner Canvas
Mechanic With Charcoal Canvas Apron
Barber Apron

See our aprons in action.

Build your apron.

Black and Veg Tan Chef Bartender Apron

"The apron is awesome – it fits me perfectly. Something most aprons don’t"

Cindy - Chef