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LAST Aprons

Classic Apron

From $245

Clean, classic, and timeless. This is the apron for everyone from the garage warrior to the expert maker.

Barber Apron

From $275

A spot for scissors, combs, and trimmers. Maximize your time in style.

Split Apron

From $295

Double split legs allow for easier movement – perfect for frequently moving from standing to squatting or kneeling.

Tattoo R Apron

From $275

Split leg design in right leg only to keep yourself separated from blood and ink.

Tattoo L Apron

From $275

Split leg design offered in left leg only, right leg only, or double leg options to keep yourself separated from blood and ink.

Tradesperson Apron

From $275

This versatile apron has pockets suited for a variety of tools like a tape measure, box cutter, lighter, or square.

Chef Apron

From $275

With double pockets for notes or kitchen tools, plus a handy towel ring, this apron is suitable for the sous chef of the backyard BBQ.

Bartender Apron

From $275

Create cocktails in this best-seller with space for a notepad, towel ring, and a pocket for openers.

Half Apron

From $140

Designed for servers or anyone needing a little less coverage, this apron has spots for notepads, tablets, or whatever else your shift needs.

LAST Apron Care

Last Apron Canvas Cleaner

Canvas Cleaner

From $14

3 oz. | Spot Cleans | Resists Mold, Mildew & Rot

Last Apron Canvas Wax

Canvas Wax

From $16

3 oz. | Protect | Waterproof | Treated & Untreated Fabric

Leather Wax

Leather Cream

From $15

2 oz. Restore | Waterproof | Protect