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About Us

Last Apron History

We founded LAST on the belief that if better is possible, then good isn’t good enough. About five years ago, in a small leather making shop in Edmonton, the aprons in the LAST product line were born. And since that time, we’ve worked diligently to perfect the apron designs and details you’ve come to expect from LAST. By offering only the highest quality craftsmanship and materials, LAST has earned its place on coat hangers in shops and garages across North America.

We’re still here in Edmonton and our philosophy hasn’t changed: only the best – no corners cut. LAST apron comfort, protection and durability never go out of style.

Under the Apron


We believe that it is the responsibility of those who “have” to care for those who have not. From the beginning, LAST has been committed to sharing our success both at home and abroad. We are built around a core belief that Giving is Receiving. Through our philanthropic program EverLAST, we enthusiastically shed 10% of our annual net profits to projects that have a positive impact. Our focus for giving is determined based on direction from our employees, suppliers, and customers – so thank you for helping us make a difference!

Social Responsibility

Transparency, honesty, and equality are at the heart of LAST Apron. Our facilities meet the internationally recognized standard set forth by Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ISC) in their Social Code of Conduct. The timeless style and quality of your LAST apron will never come by way of exploitation or discrimination.

Diversity and Inclusion

Since assembling our first apron in 2016, we have understood the value of an inclusive workforce and how a collective of diverse employees drives engagement, innovation, and the well-being. From the sewing machine to the sales team, we work to create an environment where employees are empowered to deliver the greatest product and customer experience.

Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality

We are passionate about delivering great workwear. Reducing the impact our products have on the environment is paramount to the LAST story and what we intent to leave behind. On the factory floor, each process improvement is deployed with energy, material, and water conservation as a key objective.

LAST has partnered with Climate Smart for accurate measurement, reporting and certification as we work diligently to minimize our footprint and fulfill our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality. Yeah … we’re really doing it. And we will do so by way of reductions that are real, permanent, and verified – generating carbon offsets to account for the emissions of our operations and logistics.

When purchasing a LAST apron, you can open the box on your doorstep with even greater satisfaction knowing that the environmental impact your product is fully accounted for and offset.