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The LAST Guarantee

We deliver only the highest quality handmade goods and stand behind the materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the apron. It’s only natural then that we would guarantee every inch and stitch of a LAST apron. The LAST Apron guarantee covers all manufacturing defects including failure of workmanship, materials, stitching, or hardware.

We’ve designed and built our aprons knowing that you work hard. However, there are a few pragmatic exemptions to the guarantee. For example, our aprons are not designed to be chewed on by your dog, to sustain chemical spills, or to be altered or modified. When LAST aprons are used for their intended purpose and cared for as directed, they will last a lifetime.

The LAST guarantee applies to all aprons and related products purchased from this website or an authorized LAST merchant. Should you have a warranty claim on your LAST product, please be advised that it is subject to the evaluation by our repair specialists. Please fill out our online Repair Request Form and we will respond with instructions on how to proceed with your request. For general returns and exchanges, please refer to our returns page.